Monday, 7 December 2015

Nantyr Shores Secondary School completes Buddy Benches
Last fall we received a donation of wood from “Sawmill Sid”. The wood was rough ash and with that material we constructed 5 benches for the “Buddy Bench” Project. Working with this wood was a challenge but a great learning experience as we were used to working with finished wood. The process to make the benches took many weeks of construction and then another couple of weeks to sand them down and stain them. Now that we have the benches finished they look really good and we are hopeful that the schools accepting these benches will be grateful to receive them. We hope that these schools put the benches out in their yards for everybody to see and use. We are glad to have had the chance to help the elementary schools in our community. 
Written by: Jacob McKinnon and Spencer Hutchinson, Construction Technology students at Nantyr Shores Secondary School.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

James Keating Students Thank Barrie North Students

Our Buddy Benches arrived back in June. They are so beautiful! We would like to give a huge thank you to Mr. Lemay and his students at Barrie North for creating these so that we can continue to work towards ensuring that all students at James Keating feel like they are cared for.

Our Hero team has been anxiously awaiting their arrival and we have big plans for a bench launching assembly soon.  As Heroes, we are working to be sure that everyone knows we are there for them and will always help them when they need to be "picked up".  These benches will be a constant reminder that you have a place and a friend at our school. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Update from Barrie North @scdsb_schools @sawmillsid @BarrieNorth1

More from Dalton

We took rough 4x8x130"lumber and had to cut it down into 2x4x46" using a bandsaw and the planer so we could make the front rails to be CNC'd with the names of the schools receiving the benches. 
Now that the bases are almost finished  we can start mounting the legs and take another step closer to completion! 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Closing in on the end

Dalton from North has reported:

The buddy bench project is in full tilt and wood prep is almost complete. Andy's ripped through these back legs on the table saw using a miter to cut the difficult angles and they're ready to be mounted.

Buddy Benches at Bear Creek @SCDSB_schools

Students at Bear Creek S.S built seven “Buddy benches” for elementary schools in the SCDSB. There were many ideas and prototypes for these benches before we decided to use one design. 
We started off by taking pieces of ash varying in sizes and planing them down to roughly 1 ½”. After shaping the planks we would use, we started with the back supports. We used a sawzall to cut the desired angle on the back legs and sanded it flat. Once the back legs were cut to shape, we cut the front legs and started on the seat. We used a router table to rout the edges smooth on all pieces and lined the seat up with the legs. Using a counter sinking bit we drilled holes into the top of the seat and the legs, then we screwed the two together. 
After the seat we moved up to the backrest where we routed all the edges smooth and screwed it to the back legs. Once that was done we used plug cutters to plug up the holes made by the counter sinking bit and the next day we chiseled off the ends of the plugs. 
We then spent the whole day sanding the bench smooth. We sanded the plugs flush with the seat and back rest and then sanded everything smooth. After that we applied a couple coats of finishing varnish and the benches were complete.

We did these projects not only to improve our skills but to give elementary school children a place to find and meet new friends on the playground.

Built by:
Taylor Kosson, Matt Moir, Ryan Westenbrink, Kurtis Middlebrook, Tyler Weatherill, Scott Winger, Ryan Allen Davison, Matt Renton

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Buddy Benches at Bradford

We started the benches about three weeks ago. We took the raw lumber and cut it down to shorter chunks. We then ran it through the table saw to our desired width. It then went through the jointer and planer to bring it down to the correct thickness. Using those pieces we were able to build the frames for the benches within a couple days. We used a template to trace and cut out the legs for the benches and we were able to attach those to the frames. We are currently working on putting cross braces between the legs on the benches. After we complete that we have only the slats for the back of the bench and the seat.
Alex Stephenson, Grade 11 woodworking student

Bench under construction using the live edge
Adding the cross braces on the legs of the bench

Rough lumber donated by Sawmill Sid           
Alex and Dylan working on building the frame  

Alex Stephenson (Blue hoodie), Grade 11 woodworking student at Bradford District Secondary School working with Dylan Scuccimarri.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Buddy Bench

Huronia Centennial is very excited to get their new buddy benches. All of us students first heard about the buddy benches at our last assembly. The teachers seemed very excited about the buddy bench project. Later on, we heard on the announcements that the teachers were looking for some students to come up with some designs for the buddy bench. So many students were hard at work making designs that would be brought over to  the nearby high school, EDHS.  A few of us grade 7 students got involved when our former teacher who is now a technology resource teacher, asked us to make a video for the project.  They picked me to write a blog post about the buddy benches. In my opinion... and many of my fellow classmates think that the buddy bench is a fantastic idea.  We love the fact that it brings people in our own small town of Elmvale together. Everyone is electric with excitement waiting very impatiently for the buddy benches to get to our school. We think this will very much improve our school and help the kids who feel left out sometimes. So when you need a friend, you know you have a buddy bench to lean on.

Early design ideas by young elementary students at Huronia Centennial