Sunday, 17 May 2015

Buddy Bench

Huronia Centennial is very excited to get their new buddy benches. All of us students first heard about the buddy benches at our last assembly. The teachers seemed very excited about the buddy bench project. Later on, we heard on the announcements that the teachers were looking for some students to come up with some designs for the buddy bench. So many students were hard at work making designs that would be brought over to  the nearby high school, EDHS.  A few of us grade 7 students got involved when our former teacher who is now a technology resource teacher, asked us to make a video for the project.  They picked me to write a blog post about the buddy benches. In my opinion... and many of my fellow classmates think that the buddy bench is a fantastic idea.  We love the fact that it brings people in our own small town of Elmvale together. Everyone is electric with excitement waiting very impatiently for the buddy benches to get to our school. We think this will very much improve our school and help the kids who feel left out sometimes. So when you need a friend, you know you have a buddy bench to lean on.

Early design ideas by young elementary students at Huronia Centennial

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