Friday, 29 May 2015

Buddy Benches at Bear Creek @SCDSB_schools

Students at Bear Creek S.S built seven “Buddy benches” for elementary schools in the SCDSB. There were many ideas and prototypes for these benches before we decided to use one design. 
We started off by taking pieces of ash varying in sizes and planing them down to roughly 1 ½”. After shaping the planks we would use, we started with the back supports. We used a sawzall to cut the desired angle on the back legs and sanded it flat. Once the back legs were cut to shape, we cut the front legs and started on the seat. We used a router table to rout the edges smooth on all pieces and lined the seat up with the legs. Using a counter sinking bit we drilled holes into the top of the seat and the legs, then we screwed the two together. 
After the seat we moved up to the backrest where we routed all the edges smooth and screwed it to the back legs. Once that was done we used plug cutters to plug up the holes made by the counter sinking bit and the next day we chiseled off the ends of the plugs. 
We then spent the whole day sanding the bench smooth. We sanded the plugs flush with the seat and back rest and then sanded everything smooth. After that we applied a couple coats of finishing varnish and the benches were complete.

We did these projects not only to improve our skills but to give elementary school children a place to find and meet new friends on the playground.

Built by:
Taylor Kosson, Matt Moir, Ryan Westenbrink, Kurtis Middlebrook, Tyler Weatherill, Scott Winger, Ryan Allen Davison, Matt Renton

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