Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Buddy Benches at Bradford

We started the benches about three weeks ago. We took the raw lumber and cut it down to shorter chunks. We then ran it through the table saw to our desired width. It then went through the jointer and planer to bring it down to the correct thickness. Using those pieces we were able to build the frames for the benches within a couple days. We used a template to trace and cut out the legs for the benches and we were able to attach those to the frames. We are currently working on putting cross braces between the legs on the benches. After we complete that we have only the slats for the back of the bench and the seat.
Alex Stephenson, Grade 11 woodworking student

Bench under construction using the live edge
Adding the cross braces on the legs of the bench

Rough lumber donated by Sawmill Sid           
Alex and Dylan working on building the frame  

Alex Stephenson (Blue hoodie), Grade 11 woodworking student at Bradford District Secondary School working with Dylan Scuccimarri.

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